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Natural look for ceramic tiles

Acrilatos are bringing the latest development in the industry. Thanks to our constant innovation and desire to push forward the possibilities of the ceramic industry, we have formulated a revolutionary product, which increases the natural look and antislip properties of the ceramic tiles.

Acrilatos silicate technologies are the origin of this new family of products, thanks to its incredible molecular stability, crystal arrangement of the structure and its technological capabilities.

Our new family of products are capable to provide exceptionally smooth surface finishing with very nice satin silky touch, giving to the tile surface an incredible natural like appearance. Unlike the current solution of the market, which have an extremely plastic look to it.

Acrilatos silica solutions for glazing are highly transparent. Which means it does not affect the tonality of the pieces or decoration underneath. This helps to streamline production and can be spray or disc applied. Very easy application with little investment and without changes in the current production line.

Our family of silica natural look products are also wear resistant. It has a permanent anti-slip effect for the entire life of the piece. As you can see in the table below, our silica solutions are also highly scalable, giving an extra grip with an increase dosage.

Application amount

(g/m2, Solid Basis)

  • 100
  • 160

DIN 51130

Ramp Value

  • R10 (17º)
  • R13 (36º)

DIN 51097

Ramp Value

  • Class B (21º)
  • Class C (30º)

Pendulum BS


  • 55
  • 58

Surface Roughness

(Ra Micron)

  • N/A
  • 5,6

Finally, all our natural look family of products are extremely easy to clean. Thanks to its great pore sealing qualities, Acrilatos silica treated surfaces can be easily cleaned from difficult stains. Thus helping to increase the life of tiles and an excellent choice both for public spaces and home applications, making our natural look products extremely versatile and overall great solution for the tile industry.

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