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Laundry powder. The challenge to keep cost down and quality up.

The challenge to keep cost down and quality up.

There are two unequivocal trends in the global laundry detergent market in world, one it is the liquid detergent rise in western countries, led by the mostly total switch in the US from powder to liquid.

The other is the rise of powders alive and growing in Africa, India, China, Latin America, and elsewhere in the developing world.

Laundry detergent powders also persist in highly developed western European countries, thanks to its great whitening ability

Approximately 15 million metric tons of powdered detergents were sold around the world in the year 2019, more than twice the tonnage of liquids. Powder detergents still dominate in the global market, and its use is increasing in all developing nations.

In powder detergents, the main surfactant used in formulations is linear alkylbenzene sulfonate. Known as LAS, it’s an inexpensive ingredient that is extremely effective on dirt removal but not so much on greasy stains. The powder industry still faces challenges in the stain removal area.

Is this why many powder detergents contain builders, to help increase performance of surfactants and bleaching agents, the main of which are phosphates, which are being removed from laundry detergents because they promote excessive plant and algae growth in lakes and rivers, known as eutrophication of the waters.

But powders still are filled much less powerful solutions like sodium carbonate, laminar silicates and zeolites that help remove hard water ions like calcium and magnesium.

Acrilatos range of boosters is the ideal solution to increase performance and keeping competitive costs in an already super competitive market of powder detergents. This is done by:

Increasing Enzymatic Stains removal: By buffering the pH, and keeping it in the optimum range, Acrilatos Boosters works as an excellent stabilizer for enzymes.

Improving Oxidizable Stains removal: thanks to the excellent metal chelator properties of Acrilatos boosters help by chelating Iron, Manganese, Cobalt and other metal ions which decompose bleaching agents.

Boosting Grease Stains removal: By protecting the surfactants from the presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions, increasing their lifetime and greatly improving their performance.

The powder detergent industry is still in great shape and has many challenges to face, Acrilatos is the company taking care of such improvements and we still walk the walk with our clients.